Lost In Town

Hello everyone!  Today is the first day of school here in Britain and I didn't have class.  Since I still had not bought notebooks for my classes yet, I decided to venture into town to find some.  I saw they had a Staples (Wahoo!!) but it wasn't close to any of the bus stops and Google said it would take just as long to take the bus as it would to walk there.  Thus I decided to get my exercise for the day and take a few photos along the way.  While walking there I found a few parks that I stopped into and many of them had monuments - such as the one of King George V.  In the town flows the river Kennet which is an off branch from the river Thames.  There are also many centuries old buildings in the town including the one pictured which is closed for conservation efforts.  After getting quite lost more than once I eventually found my way back to town center.

On a side note, I finally got a phone!!! It only took me ten days of being here....

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