My Little Plant Friend

I'd like to share with you how much having a little plant can make a difference. When I was in England I had went to IKEA during my first trip to London for the first time (best decision ever) and picked myself up a little plant friend for my room. I picked up this little guy because I felt like it looked happy.

Just picked up my new friend and waiting for the Underground to come pick me up to go back home.
At the time when I just had just arrived to England I was a wreck.  Within hours of me getting there I was crying and wondering "why the heck am I even here?"  It took a while to get over and let the adventure aspect set in.  I knew why I was there and why I had decided to go on my study abroad but I didn't feel ready.  When I picked up my little friend it made a big difference in my attitude.

My plant stayed on my window sill.  There was a lot of rainbows to see.
Every time I started getting lonely I could look at my little plant and it would still look happy.  This cheered me up even if it didn't quite put a smile on my face every time.  Having him also made me care for something other than myself.  I had to remember to water him every three days or so otherwise he may not be alive anymore.  Since I didn't have anything else or anyone that needed my attention it was nice to be depended on.

Sadly he didn't have the greatest life in England.  My room didn't have heat due to a broken radiator and I had a severe mold problem (believe me... this was the vain of my existence in England and I have wrote an entire essay about it).  About a month in there started growing mold on the soil.

Nether the less he made me happy.

The morning I departed to head back to The States.
Saying goodbye
Coming to my final day in England I had to say goodbye to my little friend.  I had spend three months with him and he really did bring me joy - even if he is a plant.  Due to immigration customs I knew I couldn't take him with me and it made me very very very sad (I am on the verge of tears in the photo).  I ended up leaving him in the flat kitchen and hoped that one of my friends would take care of him.

When I got back home I felt like I left something behind in England.  I took a lot of my feeling from my reverse culture shock out on the fact that I had to leave my little plant.   I felt bad that I had to leave him and I didn't know what would become of him.  I still don't know what his whereabouts are.  I know that it wasn't just because of my little plant but I knew that if I had another plant, possibly his cousin, then maybe it would help me get through it.

I started searching after being home for two months with no luck.  I ended up going onto the UK IKEA website and finding out that he was a clusia plant.  After I knew his variety I went on a very in depth mission of searing the internet in order to find him again but still I had no luck and still had the feeling of lacking something in my life.

Eventually I had to give up on my search and looked for a new plant to lift my spirits.  I ended up finding a succulent at West Elm that had the same types of leaves that my little clusia - but it isn't the same.

My new friend.
To this day I still haven't been able to find another clusia to sit in my window and look happily on at the world.  But I've learned the importance of living with a plant.  It may seem like I was a bit too attached to my plant in England, and I probably was, but caring for it help me think about something other than me for a change and I think it is important that everyone has a plant that depends on them in their life.

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