Bridal Shower Menu

A bridal shower wouldn't be complete without a good menu.  Since this was a 10 am brunch, I didn't want to have a lot of food.  Keeping in mind the garden party theme I picked for Kelli's shower, I had sweets, tea sandwiches, cakes, and mimosas!  I kept the menu light in order to keep it fun and cheerful.

I picked a lot of the menu from a cookbook Kelli and Kevin gave me for my birthday called The Afternoon Tea Collection.  It is a lovely book which has different sections covering sandwiches, scones, friands, little tarts, little cakes, big cakes, biscuits, and slices.  One of the things I love about this book is that it has both UK and US units of measurements and names of ingredients.  For example: 1/4 cup (55g) caster (superfine) sugar.  Isn't that great?

From this little gem we ate:
  • Marinated cucumber sandwiches
  • Curried egg sandwiches
  • Chicken and celery sandwiches
  • Portuguese custard tarts
    • Almond carrot cake
    • Raspberry coconut slice

    I also found quite a few recipes off of Pinterest (aka my best friend) including:
    • Raspberry earl gray cake -
    • Flapjacks -
    • Custard cream biscuits (which I ran out of time to make the filling) -

    To drink, I had a bit of fun with flavors:
    • Lemon, raspberry, and mint infused water
    • Strawberry basil infused water
    • Grapefruit, cucumber, and rosemary infused water
    • Mimosas (orange juice and champagne)
    Along with this we had
    • Strawberries
    • Grapes
    • Purple sugar mints (which Kelli made because she couldn't resist)

    Overall I think the food turned out great - especially since I hadn't made all but 2 of them before today.  I think the stars of the show were definitely the custard tarts and the almond carrot cake.  I would make either of them again for any occasion (as long as someone else will shred the 450 grams of carrots for me).

    What do you think your favorite item would be to taste from this menu?

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