Lovely Finds: London Tea & Lemon Candle

Let's Go On An Adventure!

Bath & Body Works has released a line of location inspired 3-wick candles.  Now this isn't anything new, but I usually don't go into that particular shop so it was a revolution to me.  My pal texted me one day saying that she had "found me in a candle" and it was this gem!  My love of the United Kingdom and tea is known to many thus this candle is absolutely perfect!!  I waited until the 2 for $24 sale since these candles are regularly $22 (yikes!) and I also picked up Amsterdam Tulips & Windmills.  

Having never had a Bath & Body Works candle before, I am very impressed with the strength of the fragrance.  It fills up a room quickly.  It also burns very flat which is a pet peeve of mine with candles.  I usually end up going in with a long lighter and sculpting my candles flatter.  In both of those respects, I adore this candle.  But, I do not know if they are worth the regular price for a 25 hour burn time.  Many of the candles that I purchase at Target are half that price and burn between 50 and 80 hours.

Do you have a favorite candle?

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