My Weekend Lookbook: September 4 - 7, 2015

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday to you!

Here is just a peek at what I was up to this weekend...

Photo 1. Belle Ambiance

A few weeks back I spotted a beautifully packaged wine at Schnuck's.  Packaging does play a big part in how I pick wine - sad I know.  I decided to give the wine from Belle Ambiance a shot and my oh my was I surprised at how yummy it was!  As this weekend was about to kick off, I got a phone call from my boyfriend asking what that delicious wine was and if I wanted it again.  When I got there it turns out he had bought three!

P.S. Don't worry, we didn't drink all three this weekend.

Photo 2. Morning Treat

Fairly close to the location of my boyfriend's place is a lovely little local tea room.  I was getting ready for the day and our lunch plans when he tells me that he is going to run down to get us tea for the trip! A cuppa tea most definitely makes starting out a day much easier.

Photo 3. Locally Brew (Family) Beer

Our plans for Saturday consisted of a get together with my boyfriends family and his sister's in-laws.  The afternoon consisted of burgers, bathroom renovation chat, trying to groom a puppy, and some locally brewed beer.  Miller Squared Brew House is so local that it is brewed in my boyfriend's parent's kitchen!  MSBH is the hobby that Eric has been perfecting for the past few years ever since getting his first beer making kit as a Christmas present.  He since has developed a system and schedule to brew a new beer about every month so that way the fridge is always stocked! Now, before you start asking me about his famous CC Pale Ale, award winning Show Me the Honey Kolsch, or why at least two of his beers have been named after puppies - go check out his Facebook page and interact with the Brew Master himself!

His next brews are the Red October and Flying Reindeer (names subject to change).

Photo 4. Labor Day Treat

After dinner I decided a treat was necessary and what better way to treat yourself than to go get two pints of ice cream!  Central Dairy is a local farm who serves their products throughout the state.  Luckily enough there happens to be one of their handful of ice cream parlors just close enough to make an impulsive trip painless.  Insides these cartons of joy is mint chocolate chip and cookie dough.  I paired mine with a digestive biscuit for a very yummy treat!

I hope your weekend was equally as wonderful, but for now I am off to get this week started!

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