Afternoon Tea

Ever since my Boyfriend moved down the street from the local tea room about a year ago we've been exploring everything it has to offer.  Right now, we strongly suggest the chicken waldorf sandwich, any of the quiches, rock cake, gooey butter cake, cranberry orange scones, and blueberry lemon cake.  We also are [very slowly] going through their almost 100 different teas.

Since I am a wee bit tea crazed, you can hardly blame me when I started researching even more into the joint.  I've been scouring the web looking up reviews, articles, where the owners got their education (yes, I know that I'm a nutter), etc.  In doing so, I have extensively looked over their website and found out that they have afternoon tea on the weekends!

The other weekend my boyfriend and I finally got our reservation in order to go and it was delicious!  We each got a pot of tea - I picked the white tea rose mint for me and the alpine black for him (we also later got a pot of darjeeling).  The bottom tier had two cucumber sandwiches, two smoked salmon sandwiches, and two mini chicken waldorfs.  The middle tier had two current scones with Devonshire clotted cream and strawberry jam.  The the top tier had eight petit fours - two different tea infused macarons (naughty vicar and mango (yuck!)), pistachio petit four,  some sort of other yummy petit for with jam and a thin chocolate base, and two lemon curd tarts.

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