My Weekend Lookbook: May 28 - 30, 2016

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday to you

Here is a little peek at what I was up to this holiday weekend...

Photo 1. Late Night Brownies

If you've saw my Instagram last week you'll have seen that I have a massive amount of baking goodies now that I've moved house and combined my supplies.  This means I have A LOT of baking to do.  I purchased containers to put the flour, self-rising flour, sugar, and powdered sugar in and have filled them all to the brim but I still have about a bag of all-purpose flour, bread flour, and half a bag of sugar which still doesn't fit.  I started off my probably month-long baking frenzy with one of my go-to recipes for brownies.

Photo 2. Double Car Wash

I have to tell you how silly my boyfriend is!  All weekend he was talking about cleaning out his car and getting it properly washed.  On the way back to the apartment from lunch [as the clouds were turning dark gray fairly close in the distance] he decided to get his car washed.  Not ten minutes later we got stuck in a downpour on the highway!

Photo 3. Getting Settled!

All week I've been unpacking and attempting to put everything their new homes.  I'm a huge fan of pretty books displayed with precision on shelves on Pinterest thus I wanted to attempt to stylize my pretty books but I no longer have a bookshelf to put them on.  I decided to take over (with permission) the top of my boyfriends dresser to put our combined pretty books out on display.  I am not the greatest at making a messy stack of books so I had to ask him to help 'mess it up' properly.

I hope your holiday weekend was equally as wonderful, but for now I am off to get this week started!

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