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Ever since I knew I was going to move, I started looking for a smaller desk.  Since the apartment is so small, my previous one would only leave about a foot between it and the bottom of the bed frame to walk through and I was not going to do that in the dark!  I ended up getting the IKEA Malm and fixed it up to make it work for my needs.

I wanted quite a lot of storage, but not just for makeup.  Seeing as I'm the type of person who would do better with a desktop computer than a laptop and I have a very impressive stationary collection [no, these pictures don't even show half of it], I needed something that would work for any needs that should arise.

From the outside, I styled it look like a desk because that is the main purpose I use for it.  This included having my electronics on top and a bit of prettiness in an organizer to the left.

The drawer inside is filled with half makeup and half stationary items.

In the makeup side I have foundation, primers, lip products, blushes, powders, highlighters, pallets, and eye items.  I have my brushes, mascaras, and eyeliners on top of my vanity so they didn't need a spot.  When organizing, I wanted to make sure I knew where everything was via feel because you can't see into the back half of the drawer.  Items back there either have larger boxes or I know the shape of them without looking.


On the other side I wanted my most used stationary items.  I still store some under the bed in a box, but those are usually my special occasion items.  I also did of course include a catch-all box which has a tube of paper clips, wires, jump drive, erasers, SD cards, and whatever else I find to throw in it.  I think even when being organized, you have to have a catch-all section because sometime there just isn't items that fit into any category.

I decided to make my own drawer organizers seeing as that I wanted everything to be perfectly housed in its place exactly how I wanted it to be.  If you are looking at making your own storage solutions here is my tutorial on how to make them.

The drawer itself is 105 wide x 33.5 tall. Whenever I made more than two boxes per section, I took out the last 0.5 because it seemed to fit better with the amount of paper being used. Here are the sizes (centimeters) I used for my containers:

BOX 01: 15 x 20 for foundations/concealers    ||    BOX 02: 15 x 13.5 for lip crayons/glosses
BOX 03: 20 x 07 for primers and other face items    ||    BOX 04: 20 x 08 for short lip products
BOX 05: 20 x 10 for tall lip products    ||    BOX 06: 20 x 08 for short lip products
BOX 07: 27 x 16.5 for palettes    ||    BOX 08: 22 x 09 for blushes
BOX 09: 22 x 08 for blushes/powder/brondzer    ||    BOX 10: 05 x 17 for individual eye products
BOX 11: 43 x 16.5 for large stationary/headphones    ||    BOX 12: 11 x 17 for post-it notes/scissors
BOX 13: 12 x 17 for medium notepads    ||    BOX 14: 07 x 17 for pens
BOX 15: 07 x 17 for pencils/sharpie pens    ||    BOX 16: 06 x 17 for bits and bobs

So far I've liked how I've engineered the Malm to fit my needs.  I think the best part was that I really didn't spend that much money to make it the way I wanted.  Also, if my needs ever change, I can just make new boxes!

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