Midwest Tea Festival

Last month I went to the Midwest Tea Festival in Kansas City, Missouri.  I had randomly come across this festival a month earlier when I was researching the local tea shops as ya do.  It happened that one of them had went to this festival last year, so I clicked on the link and within 10 minutes I had booked my boyfriend and I tickets to go!

I won't tell you that I am usually this easy in influence - in fact, I usually take over a week to decide if I want to purchase something.  I have items on my list I've been thinking about for six months even!  It happened to be that my boyfriend's Aunt lives in Kansas City and we were due for a visit, so it ended up being perfect timing!

It also happened to be that one of my favorite tea brands, Harney & Sons, was coming to the event and they're stationed out of upstate New York.  I was more than ecstatic to finally meet the makers of the tea that I've been drinking, ordering, and recommending for the past few years.

Of course, I couldn't go to a tea festival without purchasing as least one bag of tea.  I also happened to walk out with a load of goodies!  I wasn't expecting that when I started but it was a nice surprise.

Overall I enjoyed the festival and have been enjoying the teas I've purchased since.  I've tried a few of the samples and have been impressed with them so far. We've decided to use the little sampling cups as tea bag holders and it has been working out quite well.

I won't say that I will 100% go again next year - but that has nothing to do with the actual event.  The event itself was really fun and was set up well.  The determining factor would have to be what vendors are going to be at the event and if they are the types of brands which produce the same style of tea which I enjoy.

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