My Weekend Lookbook: July 23 - 24, 2016

Monday, July 25, 2016

Good Morning and Happy Monday to you

Here is a little peek at what I was up to this weekend...

Photo 1. Dinner To Go

Over the week, I hadn't been feeling all that well.  I'm sure it has to do with something of the extreme heat and allergies that are floating around in the city this time of year.  On Saturday I started to feel better!  Unfortunately, the boyfriend was quite sick and wasn't in the mood for eating anything.  Instead of cooking the braised chicken dinner I had planned for only me, I went over to Old Standard and picked the two of us up some chicken tenders and fries.

Photo 2. Gotta Catch 'Em All!

My childhood was 90% Pokemon.  I mean that.  I'm pretty sure half of our photo albums from 1998 to 2007 have something regarding Pokemon in many of the photos - rather it was my brother wearing a t-shirt, me using a three foot tall Dragonite as a pillow, flapping the wings of my tiny Butterfree, playing on our Gameboy Colors, or just the two of us sitting on the living room floor watching the episodes for the eleven-hundredth time.  And I haven't lost my love for Pokemon as of yet!  Just the other month I ran across a Pokemon movie which I hadn't seen and stopped what I was doing in order to watch it.  So, it wouldn't be any surprise that when Pokemon Go came out I was more than a little excited.  Unfortunately, for the release, I was out of the area in which you could play (so yes, the Atlanta airport was a lot of fun when we came back).  Now, I am excited that the park that I live close to has A TON of things to do in Pokemon Go.  It almost makes going outside in this heat acceptable.

Photo 3. Pie and Potatoes

Fun Fact: I love love love love love potatoes.  I could eat them for probably every meal of my life and not complain.  When the boyfriend suggested that this week we make a shepherds pie I was all for it.  I mean, my love of pies is pretty strong too - so to combine the two into one pot and bake it for 25 minutes seemed like a pretty splendid idea to me!  This No-Fuss Shepherds Pie was pretty good.  We agreed for the next time to probably add in some turnips and have a salad on the side.

I hope your weekend was equally as lovely but for now, I'm off to get this week started!

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