My Weekend Lookbook: July 9 - 10, 2016

Monday, July 18, 2016

Good Morning and Happy Monday to you

Here is a little peek at what I was up to last weekend...

 Photo 1. Hiking On The Island

Currently, I'm on St. John in the US Virgin Islands for holiday.  My trip is from the 6th to the 13th of July and believe me when I say, this place is beautiful.  Since we've snorkeled every single day, the boyfriend and I went on a hike for the morning up to Rams Head.  We made it about fifty feet from the top before the wind got too hard (and Adam is afraid of heights) and we stopped there.

 Photo 2. Rock Stacking

Adam's parents have gone to St. John six of the last nine years and every year his mum returns with pictures of stacked rocks.  We went to the beach where they all come from and I was surprised at what it was - tons of dead coral.  It kinda looked like a coral graveyard and gave me the creeps that people made shapes (like mermaids, names, etc).  But, she made a small stacked rock and I stayed long enough to get one good photo out of it.

Photo 3. All By Myself (with a view)

On Sunday night, I stayed in at our villa doing homework while everyone else went night snorkeling.  Before you say that I missed out, it was hard enough for me to be with fish in the water during the day, let alone when it got dark out, so I didn't feel left out at all.  I ended up just bringing my computer outside and watching the cloudy sunset while doing my homework.  It was kind of nice to be by myself for the only time during the trip.

I hope your weekend was equally as wonderful, look out on my YouTube channel for upcoming videos from the trip! I filmed every day while I was there.

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