My Weekend Lookbook: July 30 - 31, 2016

Monday, August 01, 2016

Good Morning and Happy Monday to you

Here is a little peek at what I was up to this weekend...

Photo 1. Pizza & Pasta

It's quite funny when I've looked back at my last few Weekend Lookbooks I've noticed a trend of what I've ate this weekend.  What is funnier about it is that truly, that has been one of the highlights on my weekends.  We mostly cook all our meals so the last time I ate out was last week's Weekend Lookbook.  We tend to try new places, so on Saturday we went to a pizza place which Adam had heard some friends chat about and said it was supposed to be good.  Let me just say, I'm not going back.  We had a fifty-minute wait to be seated and when we did we got an inside table.  Walking inside was like walking into a bonfire and this wasn't just because we were sat near the pizza oven.  Within a few minutes, I could already feel my throat getting dry and crackly.  The food was decent, but overpriced and quite spicy (holy chillies!).  And the server hardly checked up on us once we had our food so I had to go to the bar to get water.  This alone was enough for me to not want to go back but then on the car ride back I started getting an allergic reaction, so something probably had mushrooms in it that weren't stated on the menu.  To say something less negative I'll at least tell you that Adam and I split a delicious fig with our cheese appetizer.

Photo 2. Power Hour(s)

Over the weekend I crammed in all the last minute exams and papers which needed to be turned in by midnight on Sunday to finish off this term at University!  And, as I previously stated, apparently I like to show you what I eat.  So this was my huge snack over lunch while taking an online exam.  It must have been good luck because I scored 147.5 out of 150!  I say that missing only one question is pretty darn good in my book.

Photo 3. Puppy Sitting

Late Sunday night, we ran over to Adam's parents to pick up their pups.  We're taking them into the city for the next two day while they are all away.  Sailor (left) has come in a few times but last time CC was here she got kicked out because she was whining while they were trying to show an apartment in the building.  Neither of these two pups are used to having to go on walks, so taking them to the park is an adventure in itself.  Send us good vibes for luck please!

I hope your weekend was equally as lovely, but for now, I'm off to get this week started!

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