New Season, New Candle

It seems like just when I accepted that the hot weather was never going to end, it finally lets off a little here in Missouri.  I cannot believe it!  I just go used to what to wear for summer and now I need to reorganize my closet for twenty degrees less and bring out all the fall decor! 

My first step into acknowledging that it is starting to turn into Autumn is to change the candles in the apartment.  Over the last year and a half, I have started getting into my candles - they even have they're designated box in the closet.  I went into the box and realized that I only have two autumnal candles.  TWO!  What is wrong with me???  Not only was they're only two, but both of them are towards the end of their wax meaning that they wouldn't even last through this season's rotation!

I got a text from my pal saying that Bath & Body Works was having their three-wick candles for $12.50 this weekend and I decided that now was a perfect time to get another since their autumn collection had recently launched.  I took the boyfriend with me and we sniffed every candle in the joint and ended up with the iconic Leaves candle and two pretty major headaches.

So far this clove, nectar, and red apple scent is smelling up the apartment quite nicely in a subtle way making it not too sickly sweet or smoky.  It also meshes well with my other favorite fig candle from my previous stash.  I don't know if this will become a staple candle for future Autumn's to come, but it differently will be the smell of the apartment this year.

What is your favorite candle for Autumn this year?

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