My Weekend Lookbook: October 1 - 2, 2016

Monday, October 03, 2016


Here is a little peak at what I was up to this weekend...


Over the last week, I've been receiving updates of the puppy search from my sister-in-law and I have been obsessed.  They started their search two weeks ago with no luck but on Tuesday, they met two fifteen-week-old pups.  On Thursday, they had one of the pups come to their house for a meet and greet with Andy.  Then on Friday they picked up the new member of their family!

Of course, that meant that on Friday night I went out and made a new puppy care package and drove in to see the little fella on Saturday.  How cute is he??  His name is Thorin [from The Hobbit] and he is the sweetest little thing!  I was expecting to meet a little monster and he is actually a tame, mannered, and fairly trained little cutie!  He knows sit, wait, loves his crate (!!!), is almost potty trained, and already loves the camera.  He also decided that the giraffe I got him is his new best friend so I'm pretty smitten with myself.

The only real issue thus far is how little Thorin and Andy are getting along.  Andy is a very well mannered pup but he hasn't had very many friends in his time because he tends to ignore all but a select few.  You can tell Thorin wants Andy's approval and has even gone so far to cuddle with him of which Andy promptly left.  Thorin has an issue of thinking that Andy is going to steal his toys.  He was hiding all his toys under the dining room table when I arrived with his care package including a bin for his toys, he decided he needed to protect them and doesn't like it when Andy goes past them.  Andy doesn't even like toys!  I'm sure these two will start getting along pretty soon though :)

Details: Giraffe Pup Toy & Lion Pup Toy


Sunday consisted of going apple picking!  Eckert's Farm has a few locations and when on their website, I thought the Milstat Fun Farm location looked like it had the produce we wanted to pick.  When we got there, we realised that "Fun Farm" meant that it was a fair which you had to pay to get into even if you didn't want to attend.  So we drove even further to the Belleville location and picked up granny smith apples and pumpkins!  If we would have known there were granny smiths we would have gone to Belleville in the first place.  The pumpkins were a lovely added bonus to our trip.

I hope you had an equally fun weekend.  Let's make this week an extra productive one!

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