Goodbye 2016, Hello Best Year Of Our Lives

I am not a person to ever say the word goodbye.  To me, it always feels too final - too forever.  If it ever accidentally comes out I mentally kick myself in the bum.  But when it comes to 2016 I couldn't say goodbye fast enough!  Last year was full of setbacks and defeats which made me feel that at the end of the year I never truly made any headway.

Not this year.

I want 2017, for all of us, to be the best year of our lives.  Treat every day as the best day of the best year of your life - anything can happen!  Each day is a new beginning and I say that we should treat each day as one.  I know I'm starting to sound like a motivational Pinterest board but it is true.  Anything can happen any day of our lives, so why not make each day something we will be proud of when thinking back to it?

This year is all about being happier for me.  Everything that I wish to accomplish this year begins with the same thing - being happy.  That is why the only goal I am making this year is to be happy.  Every decision I make, I want it to be in respect to making myself happy.  Too many of my days in 2016 were spent worrying or procrastinating things which could have made me happier if I would have just gotten them over with sooner.  Have an assignment?  Do it now.  Want to start exercising?  Start today.  Thinking about a new hobby?  Now is the time.  The amount time you will spend thinking about not doing something is time that could be spent doing things which will make you happy.

Let's make this year the greatest one yet.

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  1. awww I LOVE this post! it is so true - let's invest the time we spend overthinking and worrying to actually do the things we dream of doing! here's to 2017!!


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