I Didn't Sleep Well Last Night

It's a weird feeling on a day when you haven't had enough sleep.  For me, that is today when I'm writing this post.  I saw some social media stuff from an ex which got me hot and bothered before bed, woke up four times during the night (some of which were also because I was hot and bothered), had a big meeting in the morning which I didn't know what to wear, and to top it of the feeling of the impending doom of the world resting on my shoulders.  To sum it up, this is the first day in a long while that I've truly felt anxious.

Why didn't I just stop way before an actually have a good night?

Sorting it out, I scheduled a last minute important meeting for the next day.  Why?  Because my schedule allowed it and I am a person who says "yes" more often than I probably should.  I decided to edit a new video until 11 pm which is about 2 hours past when I should have been on the computer and 5 hours past when I needed to start winding down for the night.  Then I decided to scroll on my phone in bed instead of reading the book that I am actually enjoying.  Why?  Because my nightstand is between me and my bookshelf and my phone was in reaching distance.  I then saw the boy (yuck), got bothered, and then proceded to lie awake in bed for another 2 hours.

From there my body just decided to do whatever the heck it wanted during the night - I really should write a complaint letter.

After thinking it through, I really should have pushed the meeting back one more day and spent the evening in my pajamas reading my book until I dozed off.

The moral of the story: don't overwork yourself, over-schedule yourself, or look up boys on social media.

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