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Hello, my name's Kathy and I am very very pale.  Now I don't mind being as pale as I am (unless I'm looking for a shade of foundation then it can be a nightmare), but because of this I always like to add in color when doing my makeup so that I don't just look like a little ghost.  This usually comes in the form of blush and lipstick.

But there are some points in the day when wearing color on your lips can be a huge pain - Looking at you beautiful bright orange lipstick which comes off with a single sip of water (uggggh).  It has been an ongoing mission to find good lip products for me.  I don't enjoy topping up my lip color or removing it before I eat because if a color doesn't wear well throughout the day then I am not going to be bothered with wearing it again.  I'm here to tell you as a constant drinker of beverages and a very lazy lip product wearer - I have found some gems.

Most every day I seem to have something on my lips.  If I've put on any sort of makeup during a day, you'll be sure to see that I've put some sort of color on my lips.  Being a very pale individual, if I don't I seem to look even paler or somewhat sickly.

Thus I present the lipstick that has lasted through my workday.  I tend to still like a bold lip if possible, but I also have a few more subdued colors.

Cherry Balm Dotcom by Glossier
I think I might be addicted.  I had horrible dryness on my lip last summer and it seemed like nothing I did helped for more than a day.  Then I made an Glossier order and wowza.  I started off with the mint flavor which is clear and tended to put it on after I get out of the shower as well as at night before bed to help prevent cracking.  Furthering my addiction, I purchased cherry which has a red tint when I decided I still wanted to use the Bam Dotcom but I wished it had some more color.  I wasn't immediately impressed.  It was a subtle hint of red and while that isn't my usual bold lip style, it helps on the days when my lips need some looking after.

CEO Alter Ego Lip Liner by Lorac
I have never previously owned a lip liner nor been bothered to faff around with a liner under my lipstick (though I really should with all the reds I enjoy wearing), but when I saw the name of this dusty rose shade from Lorac on offer at Ulta I couldn't resist.  Who doesn't want to fell like a Boss Lady?  Not only is this a beautiful shade to complement my alter ego (see what I did there?), it is also something which stays on my lips perfectly.  I can't say that it works very well under other lip products or as an actual liner since I have only ever worn it by itself, but it makes me happy none the less.

Birthday Suit Creamy Matte Lip Paint by Tarte
Thank you Sephora birthday gifts!  Last year there was an option to get a Tarte lip paint and blush for your birthday - and we know my love of blush and the Tarte brand so of course I picked up this little prezie.  It took a while before I tried the lip paint though.  In the tube, it looks like a neutral color and, being a very pale gal, usually nudes don't compliment my skin tone very well.  The day I decided to try it I was immediately impressed.  I was receiving compliments at work on it even!  Let alone the beautiful nude with a slightly pinky-brown undertone, it stayed on.  It stayed on!  This is a lip product which I practically never top up.  I'm not even that worried if I accidentally leave the tube on my dresser.

Cathedral Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick by Kat Von D
This has to be one of the best discoveries I had in lipstick last year.  My pal picked this one up and ended up liking a different lip product better which was around the same shade range and handed this one over to me.  Golly is it gorgeous.  It is a subtly vampy coco rose color in a satin-matte finish.  And I fell damn good wearing it.

Chutney Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick by Bite Beauty
I used an offer code the last time I ordered off of Sephora's website to get this little lip product.  I am a fan of Bite Beauty and how all their ingredients are food safe but not all of their products have the longevity I wish even if their shade range and pigment is incredible.  The liquified lipsticks are a different story.  This babes stay put!  I ended up wearing this product for a solid week and a half when I discovered its staying power.  No joke.  Chutney is slightly different out of the tube with the deep mauve color edging the side of vampy - but in a way that I am still comfortable wearing it paired with most outfits.

Cherry Lush Lip Tint by Bite Beauty
This little beaut isn't quite as long wearing as I'd like, but I thought I would add it to the list because it is a great alternative for when your lips need a break but you want a punch of color still.  It is smooth and feels fantastic on the lips.  Similar to a soft chapstick.  The best part is that I really don't need to look in a mirror in order to apply it!

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